Friday, March 31, 2006

Simply Devine, Dahling.


So the Vines are back with their 3rd album Vision Valley, which is great. It's not exactly a major departure from their other albums and sounds closer to Winning Days than Highly Evolved (both of which are loved by me) but it's well worth a good few listens to.

Clocking in at slightly over 30 minutes, they keep things short but sweet. This album easily betters the most recent efforts of their 2002 garage rock revival contemporaries The Strokes and the White Stripes, even if it is an entirely low-key affair. (I didn't realise it was out so soon until I saw it on the bottom shelf in HMV today.)

Gross Out
Yells and melodies!

Gross Out Video
A simple video, but we weren't expecting an epic from a 90-second long tune.

Don't Listen To The Radio
Joining the radio-hating ranks of The Smiths and The Revs with a short but delightful grunge burst of handclaps and riffs, they hark back to their early days in style. The album title is partially derived from the technological hub of Silicon Valley, which couldn't be further away from Craig's world, as we hear in this song.

The Guardian Article
Get yourself up to date with the Vines if you haven't already read their story a thousand times. Closes with a promising comment regarding them never touring ever again (ie: they probably will!). I saw them in 2003 and I couldn't fault them, but I later read a bandmember calling it their "worst show ever".

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