Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bud Rising Preview.

Bud Rising festival is happening all over Dublin this weekend, from Thursday until Monday with a religious gap on Friday. They've bagged at least one band well worth seeing per day, so instead of reviewing the bands afterwards (resulting in you missing out!) I'll stick up 2 of each bands best mp3s now so you know who to go see.

Shout Out Louds.
Whelans, Thursday April 13.

The Comeback
Wish I Was Dead

The Young Knives, White Rose Movement and The Immediate.
Whelans, Saturday April 15.

Young Knives - Weekends & Bleak Days
The Immediate - A Ghost In This House

The Spinto Band and Director.
Whelans, Sunday April 16.

Brown Boxes
Oh Mandy
Director's myspace

We Are Scientists.
The Village, Monday April 17.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
The Great Escape

Giant Drag.
Crawdaddy, Monday April 17. MIDNIGHT!

Kevin Is Gay
My Dick Sux

If it comes down to choosing between a few, GO TO THE SPINTO BAND!

Also, it appears that if you go to the Village before your concert on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there's gonna be free food and some "special guests" playing acoustically.


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