Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Clap Your Hands Say Demos.


To my excitement, I recently came across more than an album's worth of old homemade demos from the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah frontman. While a lot of them could succintly be described as "boring", there are some gems, such as early versions of 2 of my personal favourite CYHSY songs; Heavy Metal and Lost and Found. Fully formed and near-pristinely recorded, many of the featured songs serve to reinforce the opinion that Ounsworth is more of a solo artist with a backing band than the group's frontman. The harmonies, keyboards and trademark whine are all intact but when percussion is included, it's in the form of a singular drum machine loop. The whole thing makes for an extremely interesting insight into the evolution of one of the current biggest indie stars and a glimpse as to where the seeds were planted for a classic debut album.

Over And Over
Heavy Metal
Pass Along This Way
I Think I'd Like To Go Back To Heaven


Anonymous said...

and where did we find these demos?

Bobby said...

On a forum, my anonymous darling.

The rest: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=15C87ED63BAAE636

ryan the duke said...

again, thanks so much for these. great stuff!

Jason S said...

The link at you send it has expired. Any idea where to get the remaining demos, or are they even worth it?

Brady Myers said...

any chance you'd send me a copy of those cyhsy demos? :-D