Saturday, October 21, 2006

William Shakespeare Presents...


Titus Andronicus

According to their myspace, it has been remarked upon that this band sounds like "Guided by Voices mixed with Andrew WK". You're curious to hear that combination, right? You need party music, but with some sophistication and credibility? You need to listen to Titus Andronicus!

In their self-titled tune, they have given us the most life-affirmingly aggresive knees-up anthem this world has ever seen. It could easily be the product of a cocaine-fuelled songwriting session between The Arcade Fire and The Libertines, no matter how unlikely such an occurance and unimaginable its result would be. If Hollywood had guts, Titus Andronicus' theme tune is what would've soundtracked Titanic as Jack let go of the iceberg, and every audience member of every screening would've shat themselves. It's a tale of being told to give up, but the snarling passion of this performance suggests that Titus Andronicus won't be taking advice from anybody anytime soon. Phew!

"...the most exciting song of 2006 from the best band of 2007..." - Hi-Fi Popcorn

Their myspace, featuring the awesome Albert Camus and the fuzzy, hymnal, Neutral Milk Hotel-esque Every Time I See The Light.

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Kip said...

This is the most goshdarn awesome band-- i don't wanna be a dick and tell you to do stuff, but you HAVE to listen to this. it's totally "make-you-glad-to-be-alive" good.