Monday, January 15, 2007

All Free Today.


Some bands just sound important. And importance in the 21st century is measured using a unit known as the "myspace friends". So it is with great shock that - having listened to four of their tracks - I discover that Volunteer Pioneer have less than 400 friends!

After one listen, it was possible for me to decide that Separate Planes would easily be making it on to my 'Best of 2007' list. Neutral Milk Hotel's twinned acoustic guitars play basic chords and Spencer Krug's yelp sings to the listener in a style so clearly subliminally influenced by Mangum's familial familiarity ("your parents fly on separate planes to make sure you don't end up an orphan"). All this whilst a harp plays a melody so sickly sweet and infectiously memorable that it sounds like it belongs on a TV advertisement for toot sweets, Chupa Chups and treacle tarts. This music will rot your teeth and melt your ears.

Separate Planes

3 more demos at Macktronic
Their myspace

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