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I'm The Wolf Today, Hey Hey Hey.


As teenagers and members of B*Witched, Edele and Keavy Lynch were international superstars. Ten years on from the record-breaking success of their debut single 'C'est La Vie', they have returned, manifested in the form of Ms Lynch. Hi-Fi Popcorn caught up with them before their triumphant show at NUI Maynooth to talk smack and shoot the breeze.

You’re not calling yourselves B*Witched anymore - it’s Ms Lynch. Are there any particular reasons for this name change?

Keavy: A comeback would be the four of us and it’s a new project so we have to call it a different name really.

So is there any chance of a comeback someday?

K: We’re really happy with where we’re at and… you know where everything’s pointing in the right direction? It really is for Ms Lynch at the moment, so we’re really happy with where we’re at.

It said on the bill “enjoy your favourite cheesy acts under the guise of ironic pleasure”. What would you think of that?

E: “Under the guise of…”. What does that mean? 'Ironically, they’re actually quite good or something?''

K: Ironically, they’re as cheesy as hell but you’ll have fun.

E: Once they think we’re good.

Why do you think people would consider you to be a sort of guilty pleasure?

K: I think it was just the jeans and the innocence of it all. There was really nothing to it. I suppose if you look back, we probably looked like four quite geeky people, singing cheesy songs that probably do your head in.

E: It was very innocent, nicer than nice, cleaner than clean.

Do you think that’s the reason that people might be somewhat embarrassed to admit that they bought C’est La Vie? Because a million or so people bought it, but how many would be willing to admit it?

K: A million people bought it, maybe like 200,000 say they did.

Would you consider yourselves to have been a manufactured pop group?

K: In some way. We weren’t manufactured to the point where we were put together.

You were all friends.

K: We were friends, and we put ourselves together and started the whole project, so in that respect we weren’t manufactured. Having said that…

E: Everybody is manufactured.

K: Yeah, and we had a record company, so everything was planned.

E: Our denim was definitely manufactured.


K: But we did write our own songs which manufactured bands don’t.

So what’s your opinion on manufactured bands, like those from reality TV shows like X-Factor or Pop Idol?

E: It kind of does my head in. In one way, it’s brilliant. It’s a lovely way of giving an opportunity to people.

K: But they seem to only have the year, until the show comes back around again, and then the public are like “who’s next?”.

E: But then you have the lucky ones like Leona and Will who want to stand up for themselves and actually come out with something that they can stand for, rather than doing what everyone tells them to.

K: They took the time to write their own record, a record that was true to them, and that’s why they’re sticking around for longer.

B*Witched split up as soon as you were dropped by Sony BMG. Why did you not keep on going?

E: We did try actually. We had another label on the table. But Sony made it difficult for us to leave. Even though they let us go, they weren’t letting us go very easily.

K: Legally, we were still under their contract. We couldn’t sign another one, and by the time they’d let us go, the other one had spent the money somewhere else.

So with Ms Lynch, would you be reluctant to get involved with a major label like Sony again?

Both: No, not at all.

K: It was just an unfortunate shame that they had a new managing director come in and he wanted to put his own mark on the record company.

E: It happened a lot with a lot of other bands, not just us.

So now you’re 29 years old, which is still really young, and you have a new project called Ms Lynch. Tell us a little bit about that.

K: We started about a year and a half ago. We were writing separately before then and we just thought ‘actually, we’re better together’. We write better music, we’re better performers… So we’ve been writing the album ever since. We started gigging to get people used to the fact that there’s only two of us and it will be live. So it was kind of doing the background work first to make sure people would accept the new music and the new look.

E: So people would understand what to expect from us as a duo, without trying to rewrite B*Witched in 2008.

A couple of songs - ‘Tip It’ and ‘Diet Coke’ - first appeared on your myspace in January 2007. A year is a long time in the popular music business. What’s been going on?

K: They were the first two songs we wrote for Ms Lynch. We put them straight on our myspace when they were written. We just wanted people to understand that we were out there and we had stuff that was maybe worth listening to.

E: We haven’t been ready for a release yet. We’re still with the gigs and the studio work and stuff. We’ve been finding Ms Lynch’s feet, and now our feet have been found.

Edele, you’ve been writing for Xenomania. When you were co-writing hits for Sugababes and Girls Aloud, did you ever think ‘actually, I want to keep this for myself’?

E: Totally. I remember someone going “are you so excited that they’re gonna do your songs?” and I was like “not really, I’d rather do it myself”.

K: Somebody approached us about taking the Ms Lynch songs for somebody else and we were just like “how dare you!”.

You have a song called ‘Diet Coke’ which positively mentions the drink. Do you hope to get it on to an ad or something?

K: No, that would be great! But that’s not why it’s there.

E: All our songs should be called ‘Gucci’ or… whoever wants to sponsor us, we’ll change “Diet Coke” to whatever… (singing) L’Oreal, L’Oreal! Lyon’s Tea, Lyon’s Tea!

But you’re just fans of diet coke?

K: Yeah, it’s just…

E: I hate diet coke.

K: Actually I don’t drink fizzy drinks at all. I drink vodka though. Vodka and diet coke.

E: Wait, can we not say we hate diet coke in case they do give us an ad?

I’ll edit it out. So anyway, what are your hopes for Ms Lynch?

K: Just to get back on the road, back touring, sell our records.

E: It would be really nice to think that people still want us out there, because we are good and I think the music is good. I’m blowing my own trumpet here, but… (trumpet sounds).

Dustin is representing Ireland in the Eurovision. What do you think of that?

K: The Irish are gonna love it. We’re all gonna think it’s brilliant.

Have you heard it?

K: No actually, I haven’t, but just for comedy value we’re gonna love it. But I think the rest of the world is gonna go “what?”. I was talking to Lindsay earlier and she said it was on the English news, going “oh my god, you’re gonna make a show of yourselves”.

Would you ever consider entering the Eurovision?

E: I couldn’t be bothered. It’s very political now. The year that Brian McFadden wrote the song, England and Ireland had two of the best songs and they were way down the bottom. It’s a very European thing now. I don’t think we’re gonna win it ever again.

C'est La Vie video

Their myspace


Karl said...

So much of this is brilliant.

"It's a very European thing now."

"Can we not say we hate Diet Coke in case they do give us an ad?"

"No, not at all."

"Ironically, they’re as cheesy as hell but you’ll have fun."

Seriously good stuff.

aoife mc said...

Harumph! Laughing into my tea.

Gardenhead said...

Great interview.

shane said...

fantastic interview, glad to have you back.

Dave said...

Absolutely hilarious, on par with the Winning streak parody.

"I'll edit this out"


Alexandre Rayon said...

Awesome interview! It was very interesting to read..those 2 twins are just so nice.I am now listening to Ms Lynch's song (Could you ever love & Diet Coke) and their really good-I wish you fame and fortune.But I will admit that despite the quality music you are doing nowadays,myself and MANY other fans miss B-Witched for various reasons.A comeback is more of a dream than an expectation,but it would be a blow of joy to the world if you came back and released at least on final album.Many people have lost contact with the group members and have no idea what happened to B-Witched despite the information on the internet available.A comeback is something you must experience-It implies great satisfaction and happiness as much as hard work.Im will be waiting for the day you decide to kick the world in the rear again like in the late 90s.

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