Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bar Bar Bar Bar Barbara Ann


Personally accumulated knowledge is leagues more reliable than that which is discovered offhandedly from browsing the world wide web, but it's also likely to be markedly less interesting. Here's a quaint factoid which I can offer to you having listened to The Barbaras' 'Summertime Road' 7" record a few dozen times over the summer: I love it, it soundtracked the season. But here are two tidbits of information which I picked up from blogs and other such modern rumourmills: 1) Jay Reatard's bassist and drummer are in the group (this one isn't arguable, or controversial), and 2) Mr. Lindsey/Reatard apparently pleasured a "disabled" member of the band, who happened to be sleeping at the time.

For fear of beginning to sound like a red-top, I should now blast into a cavalcade of metaphors, similes and adjectives which help me convey the muddy and static yet irrepressibly melodic noise that these guys make. But holy shit! One of them's disabled and Jay Reatard gave him a handjob???? That's flippin' mental!

Summertime Road
Live at Gonerfest mp3s
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Gardenhead said...

i give disabled people hand-jobs all the time. its my hobby in fact

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