Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bogman Jason.


A swamp can't walk, a swamp can't talk, a swamp can't smile, a swamp can't cry and a swamp can't die. All a swamp can do is sit there being wet and dirty. Are we genuinely expected to believe that a marsh named Jason is a regular producer of sweetly bouncing ditties such as those contained on the Mice in the Mouse Organ EP from earlier this year? It's not even as though 'swampish' would be a suitable descriptor of his crisp and clean stylings. 'Running Around' sounds like he travelled back in time to 1983 Texas, visited Daniel Johnston's sister's basement, washed the gunk and grime out from Johnston's tatty old chord organ, figured out how to multi-track vocals and lobbed a giddy kitchen sink drumbeat on top.

Some of the other tracks on the EP are spacious flashes of beauty; brief and twee will-o'-the-wisp instrumental pieces which resemble the pretty little melodies that often crop up in a good movie score and disappear near-instantaneously, meaning that you forget to do the necessary further research to find the responsible artist. Maybe Jason the Swamp is behind each of these sweet moments? If he isn't, he should be.

Red Flannel Soup

Download two free albums and an EP at Rack and Ruin Records. His song featured on We Love You Too! - A Rack & Ruin Covers Compilation is a terrific version of Man Man's 'Van Helsing Boombox'.

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Ailbhe Malone said...

T'écris encore! Fab-oh. x