Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I Can't Stand the Sound of Flesh Hitting Bone.


I count the odds as highly unlikely that Grand Pocket Orchestra is a band which formed through a notice in a supermarket or a guitar shop or a parish hall. It's obvious that the thing which connects this 'riot pop' quartet is not a slim field of common influences ("everything from the Foos to the Chilis!") nor an impulse to combat boredom in the suburban evenings. Instead, I can imagine the four young hooligans of the group having being beamed down from outer space like Rowan Atkinson in the opening credits of Mr. Bean. There's the multi-tasking lady with neon pink candy floss hair, the punk drummer whose bare arms are a blur, the bratty, yelping lead singer whose movements suggest that he's permanantly engaged in a Nintendo Wii game within his head, and 'Flesh', the darkly mysterious Boris Karloff guitarist. These foreign beings then stumbled upon the music shelf of a branch of Formative Fun and, mouths agape like the guy on the escalator in those bad "he don't belong here!" comedies, began to make their singular and unbounded racket.

Their new EP 'Make Happy War' consists of the eight finest concurrent minutes of audio to reach my ears this year. And I'm not being silly. It's such thrilling and unpredictable lunacy. There are melodies catchier than the expression "catchier than the plague" and indeed catchier than the plague itself. There are drumrolls to roll with, gangshouts to shout out and lyrics to lyricise, despite their largely incomprehensible nature. On an infuriatingly regular basis over the past three weeks, I've had lines such as the following (which are unlikey to be genuine Grand Pocket Orchestra lyrics) barge into my head uninvited: "I bet you wish you'd never bit the head off Italy", "Joe paints new pictures/they look so pretty", "in a river of cherry paths/oh yeah/I saw him/he was wearing next to nothing" and "everyone everyone everyone rock/let's all go to a Nokia stop". What the fuck! I don't know.

Over the past year, Grand Pocket Orchestra has made nine songs available for public consumption. They have yet to release a single millisecond of junk. And judging by their live set and the album turnover rate of the music industry, it could be a number of years before they do, if ever. Everyone everyone everyone rock.

Using the Body (from nialler9)
Little Messy
Odd Socks

Their myspace


nialler9 said...

A bobby blog!

That lyric is Knockanstock not Nokia Stop - the festival in Wicklow but I understand!

Bobby said...

Wow, ok, that's a lot better!

Gardenhead said...

YEOW!!! Bobby is back