Saturday, November 01, 2008



Continuing the trend of misleadingly named "bands" on Rack and Ruin Records, The Macadamia Brothers consists of Canuckman Scott and... nobody else; not his sibling, nor a fellow friar. In fact, not even he is a friar!

He doesn't specialise in making one particular sound of music, unless "good" can be considered a genre of its own. Amongst his polarised array of tunes is '(So) Into You', a song which resembles an even more layaround version of the Unicorns; its lazy, longing, seaside strumming of an acoustic guitar so bright and lulling that you'll be listening to it with your eyes in that comfortable glazed state somewhere between perfect relaxation and sleep and your only remaining thought will be "why don't I have a stalk of hay between my lips and why is it pissing rain out?". Its proud recorder riff is cleverly positioned so as to lay the foundations of the childlike chorus melody ("do do do do, she's so into you") within your head from the off.

However, the swift concise pop song is not the only thing within The Macadamia Brothers' area of expertise, as April's Tomatoey Plates EP proves, sounding like a particularly lush and epic videogame soundtrack with wintery bells making it more ideal for listening to right now rather than in the early spring of its release. Each of the three sprawling songs on it contain a soothing repetition of the figures which are established, stretched and slowly garnished, all the time perfectly happy within themselves and displaying what could almost be considered to be an ambitiouslessness which is somehow exactly what makes them so ambitious.

(So) Into You

Download the Tomatoey Plates EP for free. The follow-up (and also free) Cissura EP will be brought-to-life on November 19th.

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Gardenhead said...

gonna check this out, going mostly on the wonderful, shadow-streaked green in that photo. It is gorgeous.

smur89 said...

HiS FeEtS LoOk SiLlY

Bobby said...

He looks like David O'Doherty!